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I know how you guys all hate taking pictures at clubs.....or so you say.... so here's proof that you're all talk!

Yes, Jay, we are tourists!  LOL


me, Gallan, Alexis (my cousin)                                        Allie and me    


me, Calvin (how did he sneak in there?)                        Alexis, Dennis, Gladee, Em....drunk Em

Ames, Eini and Gladee        


and here's Jay now! with a couple of crazy tourists!        Eini and Steve

Eini and Ames.... stop molesting the poor guy


me and my Bro, Gallan                                                  Em, Gladee, Eini, Ames


The one with the big mouth is Eini, the one with the                Eini, Em, Ames, Gladee

even bigger mouth is Ames, Bert...I mean Steve is

the one peeking from behind...Gladee and moi




Gladee and Jay                                                                Bert....I mean Steve with Gladee


Gladee and me                                                                My favourite ring broke!!  I think Ari stepped on it!