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One of Tokyo's Red Light Districts.  This one should be the most well known.  Sorry guys, I didn't get much pictures here but I did get this interesting one below.  Look carefully at the picture on the left.  It's a poster advertising ass-grabbing of school girls!  Some of these clubs do not allow foreigners in.  I wonder why.  And Brian's had trouble taking pictures of some stuff in Japan so I thought I had to sneak a shot.  I tried to be as discreet as possible but I was caught by the pimps on the right.  I thought they were telling me to scat but it turns out they just wanted to be in my picture!


    You see this crab everywhere in Japan.  I got a shot in Osaka as well.  There use to be one near where I lived too.  They're huge and they move.  Just like the gimmicks in Chinatown.