O Daiba

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This is Tokyo's Harbourfront though I think I like Sakuragicho more...well, I need to give it another chance since I've only been here once and it was at night.  Some well known landmarks include the Ferris Wheel (ho hum *yawn*), the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and the Statue of Liberty (yes, the one in New York).



The middle picture, above, is the Tokyo Tower behind the Rainbow Bridge.  Sorry, night shots aren't that good so the bridge doesn't look too colourful.  The flower lined steps look more colourful though.


This sphere is also well known though I forget the name.  It looks beautiful from the outside and it's huge.  Can you make it out in the picture on the left, above?


One of Tokyo's many showrooms, this one belongs to Toyota.  There's a track running the perimeter of the showroom with mini cars (above left).  The picture on the right, above, is a VR game.  I think we have these in Toronto right?


These two shots are of Triton, another part of the harbour close to O Daiba.  This is where I tried the $10 Thai buffet Restaurant.