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Tokyo has many train, subway, monorail lines.  I live on the Toyoko Line which connects Tokyo and Yokohama, hence the name Tokyo-Yokohama.  At one end of the of line is Shibuya, an area known for shopping for young Japanese females (or so I was told) and also where I teach one of the schools.  

The other end of the line is Sakuragicho, located in Yokohama, and an area with a beautiful harbour view and also where the final World Cup game is held.  I live less than 30 minutes away from both ends of the line by train.  Chinatown is only 5 minutes away from Sakuragicho.

    This is Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan.  It's only 60 something floors I think with the fastest elevator in the country as well, 40 something seconds.

    Here's a shot of another Ferris wheel.  I wonder if every major city in Japan has one.  There's two in Tokyo (I got a picture of the one in O Daiba), one in Osaka, I think one in Kobe too?  Gina said that it was almost as if there was a competition going on for building the biggest Ferris wheel.


        These are just some views of Sakuragicho from L.A.S.T., a Mexican restaurant that Gina, Angela and I tried.

    Here's Brian, but I'm sure you all recognize him from his own site with those quirky and funny remarks....


That sphere in the background is a huge TV.  The next picture is a daytime shot.

    Those are called manju (man tou, tou meaning head in Cantonese).  We see it in those kung-fu shows all the time.  There are sooooooo many similarities between Chinese and Japanese, and a lot of things come from ancient times.  Only I have to admit, I think the Japanese have really made things more esthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Those are the hugest "man tou's" I have ever seen.  It's exactly the same size as my head!