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Meet The Players

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Not in order of importance coz these people have all made my experience even more special....


    The stages of drunkenness (Purdey and I)



The four pictures above are co-workers and students of Purdey.  The white guy's Ben, Australian, also from Perth. Cute Japanese guy beside Ben is Yoshki, who has plans of coming to Toronto to study English in a year or so.  You guys will all help Purdey and I make him welcome I'm sure!  

    From the Left:  Meg, Gina and Shelley.  We're at the baseball game where Gina's boyfriend is pitching.

    Brian and me just grabbing a coffee in Sakuragicho.  Brian's leaving soon so there goes half my friends!  =(

    This is about the only pictureI have of Claire.  You can see why I don't have many of her, she hates taking pictures!

    Oh wait!  Got a good candid shot!

    One of my favourite students...not from the school I teach....obviously, she's not shorter than 3 ft.


Claire    Gina    Meg

Aya    Mayu    Mitsuko

Brian    Hinnie    Purdey

Chris    Ken    Tom